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Monday, July 10, 2017

New Release & Review ~ Two-Man Advantage (Players of LA) by Leigh Carman

eBook: 200 Pages
Published: July 7th 2017 by Dreamspinners Press
Male/Male Romance, Sports- Hockey, BDSM, Contemporary

Cover Artist: Catt Ford

A hockey star skating on the edge of a catastrophe.

A PR specialist so adept, he’s called “the Fixer.”

Working together will be the biggest challenge of both their careers.

The LA Vikings hockey team is fed up the violent outbursts of its huge, intimidating enforcer, Viktor Novak. Hounded by a homophobic and domineering father, Viktor takes out his frustrations by spilling blood—on and off the ice. Now he has one last chance to clean up his image, or his career is over.

That’s where Bowen Miller comes in.

Bo has taken on the hardest cases and succeeded—by micromanaging every aspect of a client’s life—at the expense of his own happiness. But in the stubborn, hot mess that is Viktor, Bo might have met his match—both in and out of the bedroom. One man is out of control, and one controls everything. But when sex and attraction come into play, those roles are open to negotiation.

 Two-Man Advantage is book three in the Players of LA series, but can be read as a standalone. 

LA Vikings hockey player Viktor Novak is literally on thin ice with his team. The “big guys upstairs” have had enough of his antics on the ice. An ultimatum is passed down to his coach for him to change his ways or he would be watching the game from the bench instead of playing. 

In comes Bowen Miller “The Fixer” to help Vik get his s*** straight. 

These are two alpha males through and through. Both fighting for dominance at every turn...except when things get hot. I was not expecting the slight Dom/Sub aspect of their sexy times. And my did those sexy times get hot!! I don't know how many times I had to check and make sure my AC was 

Viktor has an a** for a father. He puts him down at every turn and when dear old dad walks in on Viktor and Bo in a rather compromising position, things between Vik and his father go from bad to worse. My heart absolutely broke for Viktor for the way his father treated him. That man absolutely made my skin crawl! 

Bowen also had a few parental issues that made him the man that he had become. He was not the relationship kinda guy, but after some time with Vik, he couldn't picture his life without him. 

I really enjoyed this book and now plan on going backwards to read the rest of the series. You have a new fan Leigh!!!

I give this book 4 Hot Hockey Stars!!!

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About the Author

Leigh Carman is the pen name for the M/M romances written by bestselling Contemporary romance writer, Heather C. Leigh.

She lives outside Atlanta with her husband, 2 kids, and French bulldog.

She is leaving explicit directions in her will for her friends to discreetly scatter her ashes around Fenway Park. Then they are to sit back, watch a game with a beer and a Fenway frank and have a wicked good time.

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